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NEW BOOK ALERT!!! ‘Restoring Lost Royals’

This book “Restoring Lost Royals” has been written by Pastor Daniel Mateola, under the leading of the Spirit of God to give readers a better understanding of the gospel of the kingdom of God. The author brings more clarity on the ultimate plan of salvation and redemption for mankind. The profound revelations in this book will attract the unsaved to Christ and cause the saved to possess all that has been made available to them through Christ’s work on the cross of Calvary. Every believer in Christ will get a better understanding of their royal identity and what needs to be restored back to them. Jesus came that mankind may be saved and restored back to the original mandate of God for man. This mandate includes restoration back to God’s royal family, your royal status, your royal inheritance, your royal power and authority, and ultimately your royal assignment on the earth.

When all believers in Christ possess all these kingdom benefits, we would become a force to reckon with on the earth and more effective witnesses of the gospel of the kingdom of God. Heaven is not looking for churchgoers – rather, Heaven is looking for restored royals that become kingdom proof producers. It’s time to restore more lost royals.

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